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Is your sandwich worth the risk?

Do you snack whilst driving? A 2017 survey undertaken by Brake revealed that a third of drivers questioned admitted to eating food whilst driving.

Drivers have been warned that eating and drinking behind the wheel can more than double your likelihood of being involved in an incident. A claim backed many road safety organisations including National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

There is no specific offence of eating whilst driving, however, it is often dealt with by the police under “Careless Driving”. This is how Mobile Phone offences used to be dealt with, until it was made a specific offence in 2003.

In a clamp down on eating and driving, Dorset police are serving up fines for drivers caught snacking which will definitely curb any appetite – one driver was handed a £145 fine and 3 penalty points for eating a banana whilst driving.

It’s proven that eating and drinking at the wheel diverts attention away from the road, affecting reaction times by up to 44%. This is a delay in reaction time drivers can ill afford. As the winter draws in, it may be tempting to keep energy levels up for long days on the road by reaching for that snack – an act which can have devastating consequences.

Is your sandwich worth the risk? Please stop in a safe place to eat and drink.

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04 November 2018